Golden Prawns (黃金蝦)/(黄金虾)

Frozen large prawns   500g
Chinese salted duck eggs   3
starch   Appropriate amount

1. Defrozen prawns. using knife to cut prawns back, washed with water, use paper to dry it
2. Boil the eggs in water & only using the yolk, grinding it
3. Cornstarch mix with prawns, fry in oil about 2 mins then drain excess oil with strainer.
4. Adding small amount of oil in wok and fry the yolk until bubble form then add prawns fry in it quickly and served.

Shark Fin Soup (紅燒雞絲翅)/(红烧鸡丝翅)

Shark fin or vegetarian shark fin (fake shark fin) 300 g  (shark fin required soaked, reference link)
Raw sliced chicken fillet  150 g
Shredded Jinhua ham (金華火腿) 5 g
Bean sprouts 50 g
Chicken soup 1500 g
Shaoxing wine 10 g
Appropriate amount of oil, chicken powder, corn starch, egg white, dark soy sauce(老抽)

1.Chicken fillet mix with water, corn starch, egg white
2.Heat the oil in wok until just hot, put chicken fillet fry until just heat, put chicken fillet in a colander and reserved
3.Using the remaining oil in the wok, add Shaoxing wine, chicken soup & shark fin. You can put chicken powder & salt for seasoning. Wait to boil and drop some dark soy sauce used to add color and flavor. Then add wet starch for thickening, put chicken fillet, Jinhua ham & bean sprouts heat abput 2 mins & served

Stir-Fried Scallops With Broccoli (西蘭花炒帶子)/(西蓝花炒扇贝)

Fresh scallop 8 pieces
Broccoli 1
Appropriate amount of Cornstarch, salt, chicken powder and wine
Ginger cut into 3 pieces

1.Marinade scallop with cornstarch, salt chicken powder and wine around 1 hr
2.Broccoli cut into small pieces and boil and reserve.
3.Add oil, saute ginger and then add scallop and broccoli fry, add chicken powder and cornstarch water fry and serve.

Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐)

Tofu 350 grams
fake meat 20 g (vegetarian meats)
bamboo shoots 10 grams
Pepper 10 g
Ginger 5 grams
Peppercorns 10 g
2 spoons of sunflower oil
Water 150 ml
appropriate amount of Cornstarch water

2 tablespoons bean paste
1 tablespoon chili sauce
1 tsp caster sugar
MSG little

1. tofu cut into small pieces, soak in hot water into the reserve.
2. fake meat put into the hot water soak until soft, drain backup.
3. bamboo shoots & pepper washed and cut into thin sections; ginger mince and set aside.
4 Put sunflower oil into the wok, saute over low heat slowly peppercorns, after skimming the pot peppercorns.
5. Use step 4 method to fried step 3 ginger, fried fake meat in step 2 about 1 minute, then add the pepper section, bamboo shoots stir-fry all the seasonings evenly.
6. put tofu in & mix with cornstarch water until thicken.

Scrambled Egg White With Crab Meat / Egg White With Crab Meat (賽螃蟹)/(赛螃蟹)

4 to 6 egg white
1 conpoy (soaked standby)
1 egg yolk
1 broccoli
1 can of canned crab meat(Can be omitted)
Zhenjiang vinegar(Can be omitted)
Appropriate amount of Salt, chicken powder and water

1. Broccoli cut into small pieces and boil.
2. Egg white mix with water (scale of water : eggs, 1:4), heat half a cup of oil in the wok, pour egg white fry until half cooked.
3. Conpoy shredded, heat 1 tablespoon oil, saute conpoy,  then add half cooked egg white, crab meat, salt, chicken powder to the wok and mix well together.
4. Place the egg yolk in center. It can be added with Zhenjiang vinegar.

Braised Tofu (紅燒豆腐)/(红烧豆腐)

150 g Fried tofu
appropriate amount of carrots and Shiitake(winter mushroom)
3 Welsh onion
3 garlic
2 slices of ginger
1 tablespoon rice wine

3 tablespoons teriyaki sauce
1.5 tsp cornstarch
175 ml water

1.Slice carrot and Shiitake. Add 2 tablespoons of oil fried with garlic, onion, ginger, carrot and Shiitake.
2.Adding wine, add fried tofu and sauce, cook until the sauce thicken and serve.